Friday, March 12, 2010

Authority...and Google Docs to the Rescue

I broke through 2,000 eHow points and got promoted from Enthusiast to Authority.  I'm not sure what this means in terms of earnings, but as far as articles it means that I wrote 18 articles that each contained a picture.  I'm pretty sure that the more pictures you include in your articles the more points you can accumulate.

Google Docs...
G-Docs have saved my butt over & over again.  I used to write my articles directly into the eHow publishing tool, but if anything went wrong the entire article would be lost.  After a long night of fighting with the publishing tool I decided to start by writing each of my articles in G-Docs and then copy them over into the eHow publishing tool.  Using this approach has saved my articles multiple times.  Lately, I'm finding myself holding my breadth each time I submit an article.  Over the past week, I've written about 15 articles and I've only been able to publish 9 of them.  The other 6 would have been lost if I did not first write them in G-docs.  I highly recommend using a similar approach.

As of today, I'm running 12 articles behind my planned pace of one article a day.  I'm 40 days into my challenge and I've only written 28 articles.  However, I'm not concerned.  I have a plan that should allow me to catch-up over the next week.  Wish me luck...Thanks!

P.S. Beware of the eHow Mechanic Message when submitting an article.  We've been seeing this message a lot lately.  Lots of noise in the eHow forums about this issue.

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