Monday, March 22, 2010

Publishing Problems are Back!!! ...but I'm ok.

Yes, the publishing problems are back.  I have 8 articles that are "Unavailable" and 6 of them were submitted on 3/17/10.  There are many postings about this issue in the ehow forums.  Many writers have decided to hold-off writing anymore articles until this issue is resolved.  However, I'm going back to my previous approach of writing my articles in Google Docs.  Once the problem clears up, I'll submit these articles.

As of today, I'm 50 days into my challenge (half-way through) and I've written 44 articles.  I should be caught-up by this time next week to the article a day pace.

44 articles down and 56 to go.  I'm almost over the half-way hump.


  1. Great progress. The publishing glitches are a little annoying, but what can you do?

    I should definitely take this challenge myself. I've been on the site for 22 days with 18 articles so far (4 unavailable) so I'm a little behind the article a day mark, but hopefully I can catch up soon.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks clarkkent I appreciate your comment. I've been finding it difficult to write an article everyday. Instead, I've been writing articles in batches every few days. Tonight for example, I wrote 7 articles... but I wrote zilch in the past 4 days. Overall I'm averaging about an article a day. Best of luck to you!